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Re: Denying #!/usr/bin/env as a valid interpreter

On 04/17/11 08:24, Roy Marples wrote:
Hi List

Each time I upgrade pkgsrc, I get annoyed by developer laziness to check
any new files for a valid python interpreter. This is because

#!/usr/bin/env python

Is the recommended way of calling python by upstream and allows it just because /usr/bin/env exists.
Sadly, no binary called python exists on pkgsrc - it's python2.6 for

So I've attached a quick patch to deny the use of /usr/bin/env
and /bin/env. I would imagine this would stop a lot of packages
installing including some surprising ones like say glib2.

Seems like a good idea on the face of it. This would also be useful in my situation, where I have multiple installation locations (live vs test vs rollback), and a script under test picking up an interpreter under live is an occasional risk.

There's a typo in the patch: "interperter"

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