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Re: Making DESTDIR support mandatory

On Aug 28,  7:58am, Aleksej Saushev wrote:
} Joerg Sonnenberger <> writes:
} > On Thu, Apr 07, 2011 at 01:11:35AM +0400, Aleksej Saushev wrote:
} >> Thomas Klausner <> writes:
} >> 
} >> > Since the branch is cut, perhaps we can progress on the destdir issue.
} >> >
} >> > Btw, thanks for the people who converted another few packages to
} >> > destdir support!
} >> >
} >> > I suggest the attached patch -- this makes packages not build if they
} >> > are not using destdir support, as incentive for people interested in
} >> > them to fix them.
} >> >
} >> > We can then decide before the next branch if we want to revert the
} >> > patch, just leave it in (my suggestion), or go further and actually
} >> > remove the BROKEN packages.
} >> >
} >> > Comments?
} >> 
} >> This is plain wrong. Convert qmail and nagios to destdir first,
} >> then we can return to this discussion. (Declaring working packages broken
} >> isn't nice way to go. It isn't correct either.)
} >
} > Declaring them as broken is the only way of getting people interested in
} > fixing them. Please read the time frame I mentioned in the original mail
} > again.
} You had the same time to fix qmail and nagios as well as any other person.

     So did you.  And, given that qmail has a MAINTAINER why should he
fix it?  BTW, I believe he has done a large number of conversions.

} Except you were working on this actively, while noone else understood
} what the fuss was about, and you didn't care to explain. Now you have

     Actually, I suspect that a fair number of people understand what
the "fuss" is about.  If you don't then it is about time that you
learned and/or took sometime to think about it.  If you think about it,
it is fairly obvious:

- clean binary packages with correct PLISTs
- /usr/pkg managed completely by pkg_* tools without makefiles poking about
- easier/cleaner development work when "installing" to a staging directory
- etc.

} few hard cases remaining, you declare them broken. Perfect!

     At some point you have to do that.

} Why have you not converted them then? You had four years for it.

     Why should he convert every package himself?

} If declaring them as broken is the only way you can handle it, something
} must be broken in your ways to deal with the world. Humans generally don't
} need and don't like decisions made for them on grounds of some obscure cult.

     It is hardly an obscure cult.

     Instead of being a Luddite and making ad hominem attacks why don't
you help with making forward progress.  Every package I
import/maintain/touch I converted to DESTDIR a long time ago.

} Your time frame is irrelevant here. Those packages worked and continue

     No it isn't.  If you don't set a hard deadline then it will never
get done.

} to work for people who are interested in using them. Breaking them
} because you follow the cult of User Destdir, isn't the proper way to
} attract attention.

     It is the only way to get the project completed.

}-- End of excerpt from Aleksej Saushev

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