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Re: ccache version mystery

On Wed, 30 Mar 2011, Greg Troxel wrote:

> With help from pkgsrc-users and a colleague, I've partially figured out
> a ccache mystery.

Excuse me for not replying to your original email on pkgsrc-users as I
could have helped.

> So, can anyone explain why CCACHE_HASHCC was necessary?  And if so,
> whether they think CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK should be set?

In mk/
#       If set to yes, use symlinks for the compiler drivers, otherwise
#       shell scripts are created.  The default is yes.

However It's set to 'no' in mk/platform/ (see rev 1.38 of that file
for an explanation).


With all processing done in the mk/compiler/*.mk it is probably better
to use '${ECHO} ${CC_VERSION_STRING}' as -v doesn't work with all the
compilers supported by pkgsrc.


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