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Fetching an https: URL


teaching a pkg to fetch a distfile from an SSL web server, I get the
impression that nobody @ pkgsrc has done this before...

Most of the packages with https MASTER_SITES dodge the problem and rely on
the distfile being available on ftp://ftp.{net,free} (see e.g.
devel/flexdoc). Obviously, that does not work for a newly created package.

So, I figured that I'd use wget, since there is prior art in wip/vidalia.
Pity that it doesn't work...

Setting FETCH_CMD doesn't do anything, it's FETCH_USING you need to set.
But even then it is impossible to set
FETCH_BEFORE_ARGS=--no-check-certificate to actually fetch a file over
https. Looking at mk/fetch/, none of the FETCH*.${FETCH_USING}
variables are user-settable. What was the idea behind that?

And how should I proceed?


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