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Can comeone look at PR 43769 please ?

Can someone who understands the gnome mess (or at least has an
idea what is going on there) please take a look at PR 43769
and see if the patch in their looks reasonable (and either
adopt it, or some other method of solving the same problem).

This is an attempt to fix gnome-icon-theme in the same way as
hicolor-icon-theme is handled (really the same way, I copied the code...)

It (some fix) is necessary to fix PR 43588 - currently (with PKG_DEVELOPER
set - and why would anyone on this list not have it set, always ???)
devel/libgweather has PLIST problems.  It fails to properly build a
binary package (if you don't have PKG_DEVELOPER set, a package will be
built, but it won't really be correct.)

There's getting to be quite a bit of stuff that I'm failing to be able
to build because of direct or indirect dependencies on devel/libgweather
until I can get a binary package for that one, all the others necessarily
fail.   (And yes, I can hack my own tree to include the patch, but I
prefer as much as possible to keep my pkgsrc tree virginal, otherwise
determining whether problems are from pkgsrc, or from my own meddling,
gets much much harder.)


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