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Successful, though incorrect HP-UX dynamic linking

I'm compiling packages with gcc on HP-UX, linking with HP's linker,
and encountering occasional problems with packages that don't use libtool.

In lang/perl5 there are two instances of
        LD_RUN_PATH="$(LD_RUN_PATH)" $(LD) ...
which won't do what's intended, since LD_RUN_PATH has no meaning
to the run-time linker here.  I need to add -L$(LD_RUN_PATH) to both
work/perl-5.10.1/ext/{DB,GDBM}_File/Makefile to link these libraries.
Is this flaw in the pkgsrc packing, or the perl distribution?

The other situation is more subtle, and actually matches my subject line.
All in archivers/unzip/ appears to build and install correctly, but even
the installed shared executables resolve to the back in the
workspace (.../pkgsrc/archivers/unzip/work/.buildlink/lib/
The problem looks to be use of the GNU-link flag -Wl,-R/usr/...; This is
not even detected as an error, since -R does happen to have meaning for
HP's linker as well, but it's different.  Does this have anything to do
with the pksrc makefiles?  If so, how would I rectify it, since I can't
even find where -Wl,-R is coming from?

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