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Re: PAM problem with netatalk package

On May 3, 11:29am, (Mark Davies) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: PAM problem with netatalk package

| On Sun, 02 May 2010, Christos Zoulas wrote:
| > >Having looked at openpam_load_module(), I can't see why its trying
| > > to open  Can anyone else see whats going on here?
| >
| > You don't have /usr//lib/security/
| No I just have (and all the rest of the .so.1's 
| in /usr//lib/security) which the trace shows it successfully opening 
| some lines previously.  Looking at dist/openpam/lib/openpam_dynamic.c 
| its explicitly adding LIB_MAJ to the filename so I don't see whats 
| causing the followup attempt to open it without the LIB_MAJ and why 
| this only happens for afpd, not other users of pam.

Can you post a ktrace of it?


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