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Testers wanted of sysutils/lsof update

Hi all,

I would like to update the sysutils/lsof package to version 4.83,
however there is a notice in the release notes that as of 4.79 lsof now
only supports "AIX, FreeBSD, Linux and Solaris, and only in selected
versions" (supported version given below).

I have tested the update on Linux/i386 2.6.30 and would like to hear about
tests on other platforms, especial any that aren't listed below.

Anyone interested can get a copy of the update package directory at:

The tarball contains the lsof directory, so move the current sysutils/lsof
out of the way and unpack the tarball in sysutils/.

Please try to do a 'make test'.

If 'make test' is run on an os/version not listed below you'll probable 
get a warning message about the tests and asked if you want to continue,
please enter 'y' :-).

Supported platforms/dialects:

        AIX 5.3
        Apple Darwin 9 (Mac OS X 10.5)
        FreeBSD 4.9 for x86-based systems
        FreeBSD 7.[012], 8.0 and 9.0 for AMD64-based systems
        Linux 2.1.72 and above for x86-based systems
        Solaris 9, 10 and 11


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