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Re: About shells/services automatic changes

On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 7:07 PM, Dennis den Brok 
<> wrote:
> Julio Merino <> schrieb:
>> 1) Release etcutils.
>> 2) Import etcutils into pkgsrc.
>> 3) Let people test the tools for a couple of days, if they want.
>> 4) Update the pkginstall shells script to use these tools.  (Yup, this
>> means shell packages depend on etcutils.)
>> 5) Add new pkginstall functionality to deal with /etc/services.
>> 6) Swipe over pkgsrc to remove all manual handling of /etc/services
>> and use the new frameworky stuff.  (There are not that many
>> instances.)
> Would it make sense and/or be possible to extend this to some kind
> of install hooks? I would always have liked something like this to
> update global window manager menus, for instance...

Yeah, that'd be my grand plan... but let's take it step by step :-)  I
seem to remember a discussion about @triggers or something like that,
which would basically just trigger the execution of a script that is
already installed and make install scripts unnecessary for all of the
well-known cases (e.g. shells, gconf, info files, etc.).

Julio Merino

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