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Re: About shells/services automatic changes

On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 06:19:27PM +0100, Julio Merino wrote:
 > The only point that may raise concern is 4.  1-3 do not affect you at
 > all if you don't want to, and 5-6 is something good to have but that
 > will be optional (as all automation in pkgsrc).
 > Comments?  Thanks!

I would sort of like to see each one (and the additional scripts that
will doubtless appear eventually for handling other /etc material)
packaged separately.

This has a number of advantages:

   - it makes it clear to passersby what each one specifically does;
   - it makes it clear to passersby that the scripts are not (and will
     not turn into without notice) a general /etc-munging toolkit with
     unknown adverse effects;
   - it makes it easy to see which package is planning to do what
     things to /etc, just by checking depends;
   - it makes it easier to wade in if someone needs to hack something
     up to work on $BUGGIX.

The only disadvantage is that handling release stuff for two things is
a lot more work than one; however, if the scripts are going to be
maintained in pkgtools/*/files (as seems reasonable) that shouldn't
matter much.

David A. Holland

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