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Re: Case sensitivity

On 4/13/10 9:14 PM, Greg A. Woods wrote:
It is now very trivial for anyone using current Mac OS X (i.e. in Snow
Leopard and newer) to re-partition even their start-up disk and create a
partition with an HFS+ filesystem that has the case-sensitive option
turned on.  Disk Utility allows any remaining free space to be split off
into a separate partition and at that point one can choose the options
for the filesystem that will occupy the new partition.  (Unfortunately
UFS2 is not an option, nor I guess will ZFS ever be an option either.)
(Sadly, and for reasons I cannot quite imagine, an existing filesystem
cannot be made to be case-sensitive, so you can't change your startup
partition without re-installing.)

The problem with this approach is one I encountered when I began using pkgsrc on OS X a few years ago. I noticed (I think with Tiger) that I was allowed to format the system with case sensitivity. For me it was the obvious choice and I did it. pkgsrc worked well.

Then I needed to use some Adobe products (Photoshop et al) for work. Their installers failed miserably due to case sensitivity. I battled as much as I could, but in the end they won; the Adobe stuff didn't work right and was too hard to maintain on disk images etc. I had to revert to case insensitivity and use --ignore-case-check for the bootstrap.

So while it's great that Apple supports case sensitivity, I think many Application vendors (who should know better) don't give a crap! And that doesn't bode well for pkgsrc in this case.


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