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Re: CPP_PRECOMP_FLAGS for cross compilation on Darwin

On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 04:14:08PM +0200, Edgar Fu? wrote:
 > Building cross/avr-libc on Darwin failes in strange ways because
 > the AVG gcc picks up wrong include files.  I've tracked this down
 > to mk/platform/ setting
 > CPP_PRECOMP_FLAGS?=  -no-cpp-precomp -isystem /usr/include
 > which is not exactly what you want for cross-compiling. I think
 > this needs to be wrapped in some "are we cross-compiling?"-.if, but
 > I don't know which variable to use for that.

The "proper" way to do that (whatever it is) won't help you because
all it will tell you is if pkgsrc was bootstrapped with a
cross-compiler, which isn't the case you're interested in.

The avr-libc package needs additional hacks to avoid passing in
pkgsrc's CFLAGS at all. Just about anything that could end up in the
pkgsrc CFLAGS is most likely inappropriate for avr-libc, including
machine-specific things users add from mk.conf.

Moreover, probably everything that gets set by default in
CONFIGURE_ENV and BUILD_ENV and related variables needs to be

That or we could build a bunch of infrastructure to explicitly support
packages like this (that need to be built with a specific
cross-compiler and not with the regular pkgsrc compiler) but that's
likely to be an immense amount of work.

David A. Holland

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