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Rewrite pkg_comp for Summer of Code


If you have ever used pkg_comp, you may have noticed that this is a
very useful tool, but the current implementation is "suboptimal"... to
put it nicely.  It is really hard to add new features due to the code
base not being modular enough and, to make things worse (in my
opinion), it is completely tied to NetBSD: even if you use pkgsrc in
any of the other supported platforms, you will not be able to leverage
the potential of this utility.

If you are out of ideas for this summer, would like to improve this
useful automation tool for NetBSD/pkgsrc and would like to mess around
with pkgsrc internals, this project is for you!

Your goal is to rewrite pkg_comp in a real scripting language and, at
the same time, make it portable.  Check out the proposal for more
details -- this email is just to draw your attention to it.

Should you want to work on this summer project, apply right away!

Julio Merino

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