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msgfmt wrapper bug when building gimp


When building gimp on NetBSD, pt.po is not translated to,
installation then skips the file:
install: ./ stat: No such file or directory
installing ./ as 

Steven Drake noted that it works on Linux, giving him an incorrect

Running native NetBSD msgfmt on it does not work:
pt.po:6693: keyword "msgctxt" unknown
pt.po:6693:8: parse error
pt.po:6699: keyword "msgctxt" unknown
pt.po:6699:8: parse error
pt.po:6705: keyword "msgctxt" unknown
pt.po:6705:8: parse error
pt.po:6720: keyword "msgctxt" unknown
pt.po:6720:8: parse error
pt.po:6727: keyword "msgctxt" unknown
pt.po:6727:8: parse error
pt.po:6877: keyword "msgctxt" unknown
pt.po:6877:8: parse error
pt.po:6951: keyword "msgctxt" unknown
pt.po:6951:8: parse error
pt.po:6957: keyword "msgctxt" unknown
pt.po:6957:8: parse error
pt.po:7100: keyword "msgctxt" unknown
pt.po:7100:8: parse error
pt.po:8010: keyword "msgctxt" unknown
pt.po:8010:8: parse error
msgfmt: too many errors, aborting

Running msgfmt from tools produces no errors, but no output either:
# /scratch/graphics/gimp/work/.tools/bin/msgfmt  pt.po
# ls pt.*

The file is 370kB. Suggestions on how to track down the error?

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