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Invalid order of -L flags


[ I suspect this is a general problem not tied to the packages I
mention below, so please keep reading even after you see monotone. ]

After installing monotone on an amd64 Linux machine and seeing some
weird messages upon startup about incorrect libidn, I've found that
the rpath for the binary lists /usr/lib64 first and later the
prefix/lib directory.  The system already has a libidn installed, so
monotone is picking that one up instead of the correct one installed
through pkgsrc.

Inspecting the build of monotone[1], I see that the LDFLAGS passed to
configure is invalid.  The rpath for /usr/lib64 comes at the very
beginning.  I've been unable to track where this is coming from, but I
suspect the builtin handling is the culprit.  (Removing all inclusions
of buildlink3 files from monotone results in a sane value for

Any clues as to what is introducing the problem and what the fix would be?


1: Why "make show-var VARNAME=LDFLAGS" does not work? Printing the
value of the variable during the pre-configure stage does the right
thing, but not show-var.

Julio Merino

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