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Re: pkgsrc on MacOS 10.6 anyone?


Is anyone using pkgsrc on MacOS 10.6 aka Snow Leopard?
For me at least, net/wget compiles but then segfaults when evoked. The issue 
seems to be rooted in libintl.
I'd be curious for other people's experiences. I'm wondering whether this is 
maybe an installation/compiler options issue on my part?

I use pkgsrc on 10.6, but I don't use wget (command line nbftp works fine). I do use Apache 2.2, php 5, nmap, MySQL, lots of php modules, et cetera, but to be honest I haven't updated my packages in many months, so something may have changed which broke things.

I'll try to update packages on one of the less used 10.6 systems and see if I have any issues.


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