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e hair of his hea

E same with all your friends.
She, however, by her tone, led me to think that she sees you as you are, more 
than in what you do. They are now in
Wales. They will be in town after Easter. Then you must expect that her feeling 
for you will be tried, unless but
you will! You will let me speak to her, Nevil. My position allows me certain 
liberties I was previously debarred from. You have not been so very tender to 
your Cecilia that you can afford to give her fresh reasons for sorrowful 
perplexity. And why should
you stand

to be blackened by scandalmongers when a few words of mine will prove that 
instead of weak you have been strong,
instead of libertine blameless? I am
not using fine phrases: I would not. I would be as thoughtful of you as if you 
were present. And for her sake, I repeat,
the truth should be told to her. I have a lock of her hair.' 'Cecilia's? 
Where?' said Beauchamp. 'It is at Steynham.' Rosamund primmed
her lips at
the success of her probing touch; but she was unaware of the chief reason for 
his doting on those
fair locks, and how they coloured his imagination since the day of the drive 
into Bevisham. 'Now leave me,
my dear Nevil,' she said. 'Lord Romfrey will soon be here, and it is as well 
for the moment that you should not meet him, if it can be avoided.'

Beauchamp left her, like a man out-argued and overcom

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