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Re: [HEADS UP] Looking for pkgviews users

At Tue, 9 Feb 2010 11:47:43 -0800, Erik Berls <> 
Subject: Re: [HEADS UP] Looking for pkgviews users
> I use this, when not frustrated about breakage.
> IMO, this is a very cool feature of pkgsrc, and I would be very sad to
> see it go.  I actually think that it should be the default.  It would
> introduce more people to it's coolness.

I think it's "coolness" is _highly_ over-rated.

Indeed I find it to be a rather misguided and antiquated way of dealing
with the issues it purports to address.

As its own users have said, it is not as useful as they had hoped.

I believe one of the suggested purposes of this style of package
installation management is _entirely_ eliminated, conceptually, by
proper package manifest lists.

Its other main purpose, so far as I can understand it, i.e. the ability
to have multiple variants of a package to be simultaneously installed
and for one of them to be chosen as the host-wide default, can also be
entirely eliminated by proper design of the package layout, filenames,
and directory names.  Almost every package people regularly seem to want
to have multiple versions installed of simultaneously already supports
this ability without use of pkgviews.

Pkg_comp also helps eliminate the perceived need for pkgviews for the
second purpose.

See this old thread too:

I don't know if or how far multiple LOCALBASE support has come along,
but it would truly put the nail in the coffin of the final purpose of

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