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Re: pkgsrc RC scripts

At 11:18 Uhr +0200 06.10.2009, Joachim König wrote:
Maybe i missed some arguments, but

What's the advantage of having the rc.d scripts of pkgsrc packages
inside the root filesystem
(either in /etc/rc.d or /etc/rc.pkg.d or ...) but not /usr/pkg (or
$PREFIX) itself?

/etc holds the system configuration (like /var holds system state), while /usr/pkg can be shared between machines.

And spreading out system configuration over {,/usr/{X11R{6,7},pkg,local}}/etc is a PITA when you find yourself administrating > 1 machines, IME.

Plus, rcorder(8) runs against the rc.d scripts before any system setup (think: NFS mounts).


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