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Re: qt-4.5

Matthias Drochner wrote:
> I'll be too busy the next couple of weeks to pursue this further.
> So if someone wants to pick this up, here is an update of qt4
> which works well (or at least not worse than the previous version)
> for the applications I tested (stellarium, vlc, some kde4 apps).
> This is an evolution not a revolution -- I didn't fix the old
> problems of the qt4 pkgs which are the suboptimal splitting which
> makes that qmake is rebuilt unnecessarily, and some bug which
> makes applications coredump on exit (could be a NetBSD toolchain
> problem).

Any objection to commit this? I've run this more than week with vlc,
arora and some local development pieces and haven't noticed any
regression compared to 4.4 either. Only vlc segfaults for me at exit
here on DragonFly, but this is what it's done for ages for me. But in
general 4.5 is much more mature than 4.4, especially webkit.

I've added two trivial patches to the package - one to fix a test ==
issue and another to restore a lost snippet to include pthread.h before 

Hasso Tepper

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