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x11/wxGTK2[68] packages conflict

It seems that the two packages x11/wxGTK26 and x11/wxGTK28 conflict
with each other; among other files, both install bin/wx-config, for
example.  There is, however, no CONFLICTS defined for these packages.

I propose patches like the following to the respective Makefiles so
that each conflicts with the other.  Does this make sense?  Is there a
reason not to do this?

Thanks for your help.


Index: Makefile
RCS file: /cvsroot-NetBSD/pkgsrc/x11/wxGTK26/Makefile,v
retrieving revision 1.2
diff -u -r1.2 Makefile
--- Makefile    8 Jan 2009 21:58:17 -0000       1.2
+++ Makefile    2 Jun 2009 01:43:57 -0000
@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@
 PKGREVISION=           3
 COMMENT=               GTK-based implementation of the wxWidgets GUI library
+CONFLICTS+=            wxGTK28-[0-9]*
        set -e; cd ${WRKSRC}/locale; \

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