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Problems in assigning MAKE_PROGRAM

While playing with my wip/mk-configure and wip/lmdbg based on it,
I encountered one problem.

In short, mk-configure installs a number of mk files to
PKGSRC_PREFIX/share/mk which are needed to build lmdbg.
bmake is used for building.

Under NetBSD its own native /usr/bin/make is used for building
and it doesn't see mk-configure's mk-files installed to pkgsrc's root.

I decided to 

But this doesn't work because MAKE_PROGRAM is reassigned in
tools/ As a dirty hack I set MAKE_PROGRAM after inclusion of This works perfectly but doesn't look good.

Is it possible to replace


line in tools/ with


Or MAKE_PROGRAM variable is not treated as a part
of public packager's API.

Another way is to add -m flag to MAKE_FLAGS but for me this solution
doesn't look good too.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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