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RE: already installed?

> > Couldn't it check early and act later (if needed)?
> Check early and do what?  You may want pkg_delete followed by install
> or you may want FORCE_PKG_REGISTER.  Or, you may want to skip but
> maybe only if the versions are the same.
> The answer may be easy but the question is complicated.  :-)

At the very least, the user is prompted that "something" may need to be
done, and can break out of the process at that point rather than spending
lots of time downloading/extracting/patching/configuring etc (as the
previous writer mentioned) only to be brought up short then.  On slower
platforms particularly (like the mac68ks I work with!) it would be helpful.

At this time, maybe we only want to throw up a notification.  If we want to
get smarter later and prompt the user to select a course of action, that's
fine.  But early notification is a first step that shouldn't be that hard.

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