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Re: unexec ${DIRRM} or MAKE_DIRS?

On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 01:19:11PM +0100, dieter roelants wrote:
> What are, if any, the guidelines for choosing between unexec ${DIRRM} in
> the PLIST or MAKE_DIRS in the Makefile for directories shared between
> some packages?

MAKE_DIRS is generally preferable to any magic in the PLIST.
This will get some clean up in the near future, but basically avoid use
of @exec / @unexec whereever possible.

> Also, when should one use OWN_DIRS, and when MAKE_DIRS?
> I.e. when should the package admin be prompted to remove the directory?

If the directory is supposed to be empty after the installation and the
only reason it still exists is because of user interaction.


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