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php-pdo and version downgrades

The php_pdo* packages have not kept step with PHP changes. The PDO components are now built into PHP rather than maintained separately in PECL. However, pkgsrc is still using the old PECL source which is unmaintained and hasn't been altered for 3 years. This is confusing as the package versions report themselves to be, etc. but they are in fact based on the 5.1.x code-base.

I've fixed all the php_pdo* packages, but as part of doing this the PECL version number will get stripped off the end meaning that the new version numbers are just 5.2.9 instead of (for example). Unfortunately, 5.2.9{,nb1} is considered to be older than meaning that it will appear as though a downgrade has taken place.

How should I address this?


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