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Re: Correct way to handle transient files in /var

On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 6:20 PM, David Brownlee <> wrote:
>        What is the correct way to handle files in /var which can be
>        removed when a package is uninstalled?
>        for example policykit seems to require:
>            root:polkit   /var/lib/PolicyKit
>            polkit:wheel  /var/lib/PolicyKit-public
>            polkit:polkit /var/lib/misc/PolicyKit.reload
>        Without these it chokes when hal tries to use it (and hald
>        will not run).
>        On uninstall it would probably be reasonable to remove them.
>        So, just handcode in INSTALL and DEINSTALL?

Check out chapter 15 (section 15.1) of the pkgsrc guide.


Julio Merino

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