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new package: boost-test-suite

I would like to alert you to a new package, boost-test-suite, which is
currently in pkgsrc-wip.  This is part of my effort to make testing
Boost ( more systematic and complete.  However, I
believe it has broader uses as well.

- Testing Boost itself to ensure that it supports NetBSD well.

- Exercising the NetBSD toolchain on an extensive collection of very
  modern c++ code.  This will no doubt reveal areas needing
  improvement in our toolchain and may be a valuable test case each
  time the toolchain is updated.

- Systematically testing patches to be included within Boost itself.
  Our ability to convince library authors that patches are valuable
  depends in part on systematic testing that demonstrates no adverse
  effects for other platforms.

- Systematically testing potential pkgsrc packages prior to releasing
  a new package version.  It is impossible for us to test pkgsrc
  patches on all platforms prior to releasing a package, so it is
  important to have this feedback.

Ultimately, I would like to move this into pkgsrc proper.  Before
doing so, however, I would very much appreciate feedback on the

I would also like to encourage users to install and run the package so
that a broad array of platforms are tested on a regular basis.

I look forward to your comments and assistance with improving this


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