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Re: Half-installed packages


I've had a re-occurrence of this problem with slightly different
symptoms.  In this case, it was a pkgsrc bulk build on sparc64
which failed because the thunderbird-gtk1 package ended up as
half-installed but again with no +CONTENTS file:

When starting to do mail/thunderbird, the recently built and
installed thunderbird-gtk1 package should be removed, but when
that happens, the following error messages are emitted in the

=> Deinstalling glib-1.2.10nb10
rm: /usr/pkg/lib/thunderbird-gtk1/components/compreg.dat: No such file or 
pkg_delete: unexec command for `/bin/rm 
/usr/pkg/lib/thunderbird-gtk1/components/compreg.dat' failed
pkg_delete: couldn't entirely delete package `thunderbird-gtk1-'
pkg_delete: couldn't remove log entry in 
Executing `/bin/rm -f /usr/pkg/lib/thunderbird-gtk1/chrome/app-chrome.manifest'
Executing `/bin/rm /usr/pkg/lib/thunderbird-gtk1/components/compreg.dat'
Executing `/bin/rm /usr/pkg/lib/thunderbird-gtk1/components/xpti.dat'
pkg_delete: had problem removing thunderbird-gtk1-
glib-1.2.10nb10: unregistering info file /usr/pkg/info/

However, this left the thunderbird-gtk1 package in a half-
installed state, resulting in any subsequent pkg_add operations
to fail:

BULK> Installing /usr/pkgsrc/packages/sparc64/All/Xft2-2.1.7nb3.tgz
pkg_add: /var/db/pkg/thunderbird-gtk1- No such file or 
WARNING: could not add /usr/pkgsrc/packages/sparc64/All/Xft2-2.1.7nb3.tgz.

As a result, basically all packages past that point (the bulk
build had reached 75% in terms of the number of packages) fail to

During the install phase of thunderbird-gtk1, I see:

=> Automatic manual page handling
=> Generating post-install file lists
=> Running POST-INSTALL script actions
[1]   Bus error (core dumped) LD_LIBRARY_PATH=...
[1]   Bus error (core dumped) LD_LIBRARY_PATH=...
Full pathname symlink 
`/usr/pkg/lib/thunderbird-gtk1/chrome/icons/default/default.xpm' is target of 
=> Registering installation for thunderbird-gtk1-
pkg_admin: thunderbird-gtk1- Symlink 
`/usr/pkg/share/pixmaps/thunderbird-gtk1.xpm' exists and is in +CONTENTS but 
target does not exist!

The bus error apparently occurs when the package is running its
INSTALL script, which is from the thunderbird package, and says:

HOME="./tmpdir-${PKGNAME}" \
                ${MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME}/${MOZILLA_BIN} -register

Once again, it would be good if the pkg_install tools would be
sufficiently robust against failures of this sort so that they
don't leave the pkg system in such a state that manual cleanup
steps would be required (removing /var/db/pkg/thunderbird-gtk1-*).


- Håvard

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