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Re: pkg_info(1) and wildcards / by-file listenings

On Mon, 2 Mar 2009, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:

Yeah, I'd sort alphanumerically by default and provide an option to sort
by install time. It currently is something like "sort by install time
unless the user deinstalled enough packages so that FFS reused an old

        Count me in violent agreement.

        On a side note, would there be any sense in make -e take
        multiple package names?

I'd prefer not to. E.g. typing "pkg_info -e x*" should be an error. If
it is desirable to test for more than one package at the same time, the
behavior of having multiple -e options could be fixed though.

        So that would be changing the current behaviour? I have no
        objections to that, but it might be nice if pkgsrc provided
        a convenient way to list a subset of installed packages in
        a 'one line per package' form.

        For example when checking on installed libraries the current
        options seem to be:

            - ls /var/db/pkg/lib<TAB>
            - pkg_info | grep '^lib'
            - pkg_info -e lib\*

       When I used tcsh I found the following two options very helpful:

           complete pkg_delete 'p@*@`ls /var/db/pkg`@'
           complete pkg_info 'p@*@`ls /var/db/pkg`@'

        but that was shell specific...

                David/absolute       -- No hype required --

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