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Re: SETGIDGAME in package's Makefile. Why?

> Most games with high scores files care only if the high scores are
> writeable, and will work fine if installed unpriv'd but need to be
> setgid if using a root-owned $(VARBASE).

> IME, most of these games also do not fall back cleanly to per-user
> scorefiles or whatever if they can't write in $(VARBASE), so unless
> built unpriv'd they should be installed setgid by default.

How about the following?
2) remove SETGIDGAMES from package's Makefiles
3) set SETGIDGAMES to yes by default or leave it set to NO
   and allow users to switch it to YES, also set SETGIDGAMES to YES
   for bulk builds if it defaults to NO
4) GAMEDIRMODE=0775 for UNPRIVILEGED=yes (already done)

> Fixing all this is a big pile of work though.
I think things above can be done easily and makes some games good
(currently broken xbomb, xbill and some others including my wip/xsokoban)

Support for unprivileged installation for the games having problems with it
can be done one-by-one if time allows.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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