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Re: bulk build instructions

On Mon, December 15, 2008 9:45 pm, Jan Schaumann wrote:

> says
> TODO; see pkgsrc/doc/HOWTO-pbulk for more information.
> Can we get this translated into official instructions on how to run a
> bulk build?  Especially if one is discouraged from using the old style
> build, it'd be nice if the recommended way of doing things was actually
> officially documented.  Even if just the other document was included in
> the html document that'd probably help.

If it helps, I documented how I've been doing bulk builds of pkgsrc for
DragonFly, in part for others and in part so I can keep it all straight:

I haven't tested it, but these instructions should generally work - use
make instead of bmake on NetBSD, etc. etc.

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