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Re: X11/XlibConf.h missing

Am 14.12.2008 um 06:58 schrieb Jeremy C. Reed:

Re-read your email again. FreeBSD 7 should be Xorg not XFree86. The change should be in the xorg related file not "xfree86". I already see it though.

What made it use "xfree86" on your system? We may need to track that
down instead.

well, it's a stock X11+developer FreeBSD 7.1-BETA2 installation.

pkgsrc/pkgtools/x11-links/Makefile uses

.elif exists(${X11BASE}/lib/X11/config/xorgversion.def)
.  include ""
.  include ""

pkgsrc/mk/ sets X11BASE to /usr/X11R6, which is correct.

Now /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/config/xorgversion.def does not exist (not does it on a FreeBSD 7.0 installation I just checked on a production system).
Thus x11-links's Makefile falls back to
Are you sure FreeBSD 7 is using Xorg?

Georg Schwarz  +49 151 11559652

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