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Re: Use stricter PATH during build

Aleksey Cheusov <> writes:

>  >> The real issue is that this is very like to just disable features
>  >> silently.
>> We already have the opposite, worse problem with packages that
>> silently enable features based on what happens to be available in
>> ${PREFIX}/bin.
> It is always better to _explicitly_ disable unnecessary features by
> changing CONFIGURE_ARGS.  And I think this the only way to package
> software correctly.  STRICT_PATH is not a real solution because you
> have no control over non-NetBSD environment.

We have other places, where we hardcode paths. E.g. _OPSYS_SYSTEM_RPATH.
Having _OPSYS_BASE_PATH doesn't break existing concepts.

Explicit disabling numerous features, which are silently disabled for you,
just adds useless garbage.


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