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www/emacs-w3m still using ${_EMACS_VERSION_NOREV}


www/emacs-w3m still using ${_EMACS_VERSION_NOREV}, but it seems gone away.
It is used for path for icon directory,
(for example, expected as share/emacs/22.3/etc/w3m with current editor/emacs).
but now installed in share/emacs//etc/w3m.

If ${_EMACS_VERSION_NOREV} is replaced with 
icons will be installed as expected.

But the path really should contains emacs' version?
If emacs is minor updated, directory name is changed, but depended pattern is 
like a emacs>=22,
so will be mismatch between emacs-w3m compiled with older emacs and newer emacs.
On the other hand, the path should not contains emacs' version?
Yes, configure script accept option to specify icon directory,
but it seems only affetct to installation, not to elisp...

"Of course I love NetBSD":-)
OBATA Akio /

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