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setgid games


    A long time ago I added color X11 support to the golddig game,
and that is what gets installed by games/golddig now.

    I was testing to see if it worked on Darwin, but the make install
fails with:

nstall -c -s -o bin -g games -m 2755 golddig /usr/pkg/bin
install: games: Invalid argument

because there is no "games" group on my system (yet).

    I was looking at how to fix this and I saw there was a 
GAMES_USER/GAMES_GROUP in mk/platform/, but its
all commented out.   

    Meanwhile, games like lib/xbomb just hardwires to "games" 
like this:

SCORE_USER=     games
SCORE_GROUP=    games

what's the right thing to do for golddig?   Just copy the 
xbomb stuff and ignore the commented out stuff in mk/platform/


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