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Apache packages


at the moment the following Apache versions are available in "pkgsrc":
- Apache 1.3.41 is in "pkgsrc/www/apache".
- Apache 2.0.63 is in "pkgsrc/www/apache2".
- The one true Apache 2.2.10 is in "pkgsrc/www/apache22".
This is IMHO wrong considering that all version older than 2.2.0 are
legacy version as far as the Apache foundation is concerned.

I would therefore like to re-arrange the package like this:
- Apache 1.3.41 will be moved to "pkgsrc/www/apache13".
- Apache 2.0.63 will be moved to "pkgsrc/www/apache20".
- Apache 2.2.10 will be moved to "pkgsrc/www/apache".

Any comments?

        Kind regards

Matthias Scheler                        

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