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Re: py-sqlite2 vs py-sqlite3

On Tue, 18 Nov 2008 05:40:34 +0900, Lloyd Parkes 
<> wrote:

> If py-sqlite3 installs an older version of Python's sqlite than py-sqlite2, 
> and
> py-sqlite3 simply doesn't work, then why is it in pkgsrc? Is there any reason
> why I shouldn't file a PR asking for it's removal?

py-sqlite3: .so part of builtin sqlite3 support module for Python2.5
py-sqlite2: PySqlite module version 2.

On Python25,
 import sqlite3         # builtin sqlite3 module with py-sqlite3
 import pysqlite2       # py-sqlite2
 import sqlite          # py-sqlite

If removing py-sqlite3, also may take care about packages using "import 
(for www/trac, trying pysqlite2 => sqlite3 => sqlite, so no affect)

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