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Re: [RFC] KDE without arts

In article <> Hasso wrote:
: [-- text/plain, encoding 7bit, charset: iso-8859-1, 38 lines --]

: * It makes sense to introduce arts option for x11/kdelibs3 only and let 
:   other packages to depend on this option.

  This is not how we handed similar situations previously.  I'm not
opposed to it per se, we should just keep in mind that we are in new
territory here.  Thus, two things to consider:

- Once we are able to build binary packages for multiple option sets,
  we will also want to build variants with and without arts for these
  depending packages.

- Does it make sense to disable arts support selectively in only some
  kde packages?  If so, they would need an option of their own.

:   The problem is that although 
:   most of packages don't really care about arts at all, all packages using 
:   autoconf from KDE base (yes, even kde3-i18n-*) must be configured with
:   --without-arts if you don't have arts. Any ideas how to handle it 
:   better? I don't like the idea of patching every kde3-i18n-* package with

:   .include "../../x11/kdelibs3/"
:   BUILD_DEFS+=          PKG_BUILD_OPTIONS.kdelibs
:   .if empty(PKG_BUILD_OPTIONS.kdelibs:Marts)
:     CONFIGURE_ARGS+=    --without-arts
:   .endif

  Does it do any harm to always use --without-arts for those package
we know don't care about arts?

  For the rest, we can encapsulate this in some mk fragment in kdelibs
that is included in the depending packages.


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