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Re: slow pkgsrc installs / cross-compilation

On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 05:48:40PM -0500, Charles H Dickman wrote:
> Now that I have a NetBSD/VAX system running again, I see that
> installing from pkgsrc is VERY slow. It seems to spend most of the
> time running configure and testing the same things over and over
> again. Is there a way to make configure cache its findings?

it does, but the cache doesn't persist across build invocations.

it seems like it should be possible to build a minimal config.cache for
common tests and get the pkgsrc framework to use it as a seed when
invoking configure.

> Or can pkgsrc be cross-compiled as easily as the base system?

unfortunately most packages in pkgsrc are not as cross-compilation
friendly as NetBSD itself.

perhaps someone in tech-pkg can comment further on cross-compliation
(non-)existing in pkgsrc.

vax pkgsrc might be doomed to being built from an emulator...

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