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RE: TOOLS_IGNORE.basename=: is not an identifier

On Monday, November 10, 2008 4:27 PM, Joerg Sonnenberger <> scribbled:
> I suspect that one of the things set in the tools list by default
> doesn't have a platform define. 

The complete default tools list is from, right?  I figured the
basename problem has got to be a consequence of, where it is
mentioned.  I took the list of coreutil commands (in and looked
them all up in  As I understand Chapter 18 in the pkgsrc
guide, I think this is right.  Is that what you mean?  

$ for cmd in basename cat chgrp chmod chown cp cut date dirname echo env
expr false head hostname id install ln ls mkdir mv nice printf pwd rm rmdir
sleep sort tail tee test touch tr true tsort wc; do echo "--- ${cmd} ---" ;
ggrep "\.${cmd}?=" ; done
--- basename ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.basename?=       /bin/basename
--- cat ---            /bin/cat
--- chgrp ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.chgrp?=          /bin/chgrp
--- chmod ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.chmod?=          /bin/chmod
--- chown ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.chown?=          /bin/chown
--- cp ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.cp?=             /bin/cp
--- cut ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.cut?=            /usr/bin/cut
--- date ---           /bin/date
--- dirname ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.dirname?=        /bin/dirname
--- echo ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.echo?=           echo                    # shell builtin
--- env ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.env?=            /bin/env
--- expr ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.expr?=           /bin/expr
--- false ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.false?=          /bin/false
--- head ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.head?=           /bin/head
--- hostname ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.hostname?=       /bin/hostname
--- id ---             /usr/bin/id
--- install ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.install?=        /etc/install
--- ln ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.ln?=             /bin/ln
--- ls ---             /bin/ls
--- mkdir ---
--- mv ---             /bin/mv
--- nice ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.nice?=           /bin/nice
--- printf ---
--- pwd ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.pwd?=            /bin/pwd
--- rm ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.rm?=             /bin/rm
--- rmdir ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.rmdir?=          /bin/rmdir
--- sleep ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.sleep?=          /bin/sleep
--- sort ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.sort?=           /bin/sort
--- tail ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.tail?=           /bin/tail
--- tee ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.tee?=            /bin/tee
--- test ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.test?=           test                    # shell builtin
--- touch ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.touch?=          /bin/touch
--- tr ---             /usr/bin/tr
--- true ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.true?=           /bin/true
--- tsort ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.tsort?=          /usr/bin/tsort
--- wc ---
TOOLS_PLATFORM.wc?=             /bin/wc

Maybe I'm confused about where I state what the system already has, vs where
I state what the system needs.  Especially regarding when I want to use
pkgsrc versions of tools that do exist on the system, because the system
version is broken.  Should I declare the system has it, even if it's broken?

My has all the commands from unless the system
doesn't have them, or only has a broken version.  For those I depend on them
being set up by bootstrap in the mk.conf.  Isn't that right?

Joerg, you have a login to my dev machine, if it would be quicker to look at
it yourself.


Tim Larson        AMT2 Unix Systems Administrator
    InterCall, a division of West Corporation

               Eschew obfuscation!

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