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Re: GNOME: names for bindings meta packages wanted

  The GNOME developers define a binding set, containing a few packages
  each, for c++, java, mono, perl, and python.
  What should we name the meta packages?
  Prefix or postfix the language?

  So far I've come up with the following inconsistent set:

  Other, better suggestions?

Why do you need meta-pkgs?  Aren't they all in meta-pkgs/gnome that
everyone will just install?

Seriously, I think we do need fine-grained control over this, and would
favor gnome-bindings-lang, but I think you are saying that for py it
should be at the beginning to split python{23,24,25}.

What's p5?  If that's perl5, it should say perl5, unless the gnome
people insist on p5.  Seems too much like p4, a proprietary VCS.

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