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Re: BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS can be harmful

On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 03:01:39AM +0100, Quentin Garnier wrote:
 > Thinking about it some more, I wonder why cairo would expose its
 > API_DEPENDS in the file.  It doesn't make sense to me:  either
 > you need a new cairo (because of ABI_DEPENDS), in which case you'll
 > forcibly get the correct API_DEPENDS for cairo, or you don't, in
 > which case whatever was installed along with cairo is good enough
 > for it.

Well, not quite. I think. Exposing that dependency means that
*clients* of cairo require at least pixman 0.12. If cairo re-exports
part of pixman's API, that's a perfectly reasonable statement to make.
The problem is that one picks up this piece of logic without
installing the new cairo that it applies to.

What I don't see is why your build didn't go build a new pixman as a
result of it being out of date. Ordinarily it should have. Did you not
clean or not cvs update x11/pixman? Or is the builtin logic broken?

(Meanwhile I don't see how ABI depends are relevant...)

David A. Holland

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