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Universal binary packages on Mac OS X


I have succeeded building universal binary (fat) packages from pkgsrc on Mac OS X, and I would like to share some thoughts on this matter:

*** Bootstrapping fails on libfetch. I had to change to:
        ${COMPILE.c} ${.IMPSRC}
otherwise, with the default "${LD} -r", fat library is stripped down to one architecture. I wonder why don't we leave this target that way? For other systems, too.

*** digest-20080510 builds as universal binary, but doesn't work correctly for SHA1 algorithm, since it sees my PowerPC as little- endian architecture. I guess the endianess is taken from 'configure', and should be derived from #includes. (For other packages, I noticed the 'configure' script discovers endianess as 'universal'.)

*** "-MT filename.o" option has to be discarded from gcc. I noticed, in couple of packages, the -MT filename is the same as the target (- o), so it doesn't change anything. Or does it? I have changed mk/ wrapper/arg-pp-darwin-gcc to consume the option, but maybe there is a better way to do it.

*** some packages, like graphics/jpeg, have minor problems, but can be easily fixed. Others, like devel/SDL, can't detect/use AltiVec, but build and work anyway.

Kind regards,

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