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Re: Problems with old "p5" packages and new "perl5" package

On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 08:35:33PM +0200, Havard Eidnes wrote:
> 1) Why, exactly, is this necessary?  If one follows the normal
>    pkgsrc dependency rules, as is done by "make update" or the
>    traditional or new pkgsrc bulk builds, when a package a given
>    package depends on has been updated, you need to rebuild the
>    package in question too.

For the same reason that we bump PKGREVISION after shlib major change:
If you don't bump PKGREVISION and see p5-Foo-1.0, how would you know
against which perl it was compiled?
If you have p5-Foo-1.0 and p5-Foo-1.0nb1 however, you can easily

> 2) What is the easiest way to compute the set of packages which
>    should be bumped?  (Given that I can be convinced it's really
>    required, ref. above.)  I've looked at the revbump package and
>    its finddepends script, but as it stands, it won't be able to
>    handle p5-* packages because for the typical p5-* packages,
>    the dependency is via perl5's, not directly on
>    perl5's make fragment file.

I already answered that question in a separate mail.

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