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DISPLAY, xauth and (x11/gnome-applets invest applet)

I have figured out why x11/gnome-applets doesn't build invest for me,
and perhaps why I got no answers.  I am building on a machine with
DISPLAY set when I invoke make, and I have cookies for the DISPLAY
variable in ~/.Xauthority.

gnome-applets tests for the python gnomeapplets module, which has the
following behavior:

  no DISPLAY => works fine
  DISPLAY and no xauth => FAILS
  DISPLAY and xauth => works fine

That's arguably an upstream bug of the python gnomeapplets code, which
shouldn't be making connections just for being tested.

I put 'xauth -v list' in configure to find out what happens and see:

Using authority file 
xauth:  creating new authority file 

So it seems that given that we repoint HOME, we should also unset
DISPLAY in the build wrappers.

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