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Re: pkgsrc freeze? p5-DBI dependency version

  Assume it is unfrozen, I'm planning on changing the default p5-DBI
  dependency to version 1.52.  I noticed that the p5-DBD-postgresql
  package doesn't actually work with version 1.48nb1 (which is the
  current minimum version).  Before I do that, I was wondering if
  there's some reason that it was at such an early version, or should
  I just change it to the current version? (1.607 !)

It seems that generally we try not to require bleeding edge in, but to pick the oldest version which has the necessary
features/interfaces to support almost all of the depending packages.

I'm not sure where you got 1.52 from, but if p5-DBD-postgresql uses some
function introduced in 1.52, that sounds sensible.

My own view is that it's not appropriate to use the bl3 required version
to force updates to fix bugs; keeping all of one's packages up to date
is seprate issue.  But I think this is not widely agreed.

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