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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors - deprecated platforms

At 1:08 Uhr +1300 14.10.2008, Mark Davies wrote:
On Tuesday 14 October 2008 00:05:01 Hauke Fath wrote:
 >So this list includes several that we supposedly support:
 >   m68k-*-netbsd*) machine=hp9000s300 ;;

 That one is bogus since hp9000s300 is SysV HP-UX

No, hp9000s300.h is SysV HP-UX _or_ BSD dating back to the days of the 4.3
port from Utah and sold by mt Xinu.

I stand corrected.  :)

  Thats not to say that there is
necessarily any significant difference between the defines for BSD there
and the ones in m/m68k.h but they are what is currently used.

Interesting. AFAIR, the xemacs build breaks without the patch on m68k.


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