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Re: Paths for SENDMAIL and MAILDIR

"OBATA Akio" <> writes:

> Where should be pointed to for paths of sendmail and mail spool dir?
> I'm trying to import mailx (PR#38262).  It require those paths.  Some
> OSes have include/paths.h and deifine _PATH_SENDMAIL and
> _PATH_MAILDIR.  But not all, and no chance to choose pkgsrc version if
> use it.

I would say that mailx should use those paths if defined.  On NetBSD
this is /usr/sbin/sendmail which is a link to mailwrapper, so one can
use a pkgsrc MTA.

If paths.h doesn't define _PATH_SENDMAIL, then I guess the thing to do
is OS-specific "if FOOOS, then sendmail is /usr/bar/sendmail".

I realize this leaves you without a way to use mailwrapper on systems
that don't have it in base.  Perhaps we need a and
something else in mail/mailwrapper, that defines variables to point to
base if good enough, and if not depends on mailwrapper, and then mailx
and other MUAs should depend on that.

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