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Re: Fetching files in non-standard ways

Roland Illig writes:

> David Sainty schrieb:
> > I'm not sure if you mean "download the URL itself" or "download the
> > source file at the given URL"?  All the clients of this facility I can
> > see are in the former case, they make a request to find the correct URL
> > (minus the trailing filename, I assume based on the documentation). 
> > That use doesn't solve our problem.
> Sorry, my fault. I just saw the "ftp" commands and thought of
> downloading the actual file.
> The appended patch makes the problem disappear for me.

That isn't really the right fix.  At least unless I'm missing
something in the patch (thanks for the effort, by the way!)

The MASTER site may need this appended, but f.n.o (for example, but
any other mirror too) should retain the file without the appended
string.  So, whatever the fix it needs to be linked to individual
download URLs.

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