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Re: Fetching files in non-standard ways

Roland Illig wrote:
Roland Illig writes:

gtkimageview and other packages may create a file called "" in
the FILESDIR. See mk/fetch/ for details.
I get the impression this doesn't solve the problem of producing a URL
with the file name in the middle rather than the end?

Some packages have used this hook to actually download the URL instead
of just returning the list of sites. Therefore I mentioned it.

I'm not sure if you mean "download the URL itself" or "download the source file at the given URL"? All the clients of this facility I can see are in the former case, they make a request to find the correct URL (minus the trailing filename, I assume based on the documentation). That use doesn't solve our problem.

I don't see an example where is actually downloading the source. Such a facility would solve our problem, but I don't think is it? Though I'd rather have Pkgsrc do the heavy lifting here anyway :)

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